Wednesday, 24 November 2010

La belle dame

Created the God in all gold and ivory;
To batter many a man' s heart, princess.
Led by tender passion and avidity;
Illustrating his artistic finesse.

Enchanting all that surrounds you and wise;
Your manner, gentle with rare poise and grace.
Rarer is the charm of thy gleaming eyes;
Bequeathing their captives to a trance.

If Gentle thy manner, gentler thy soul;
True to the Lord and his veracious word.
Salvaging all that is vicious and foul;
Retrieved me from fury of the nether world.

Far away in distant lands may you be;
In my mind's eye, I exist not sans thee.

Monday, 7 June 2010

Norwegian Wood

With a perpetual smile on your radiant face;
You gently walked into my dormant barren life.
Enchanted was I, by your charm and grace;
That I forgot all about my eternal internal strife.

It was you my lady, who reacquainted me;
With the joys of summer and the thrills of winter.
Intoxicated was I, in your love blissfully;
That I lost myself in your benevolent persona.

No longer was I haunted by my malicious past;
Nor by the fears and insecurities of the future.
As the wheels of time came to a abrupt halt;
I became you, and what I saw was me .

To unfreeze time, as death unleashed its fangs;
I became the arid desert that I was once.
But my love, the very death which separated us;
Will very soon coalesce us for eternity.

I was deeply moved by the characters of Naoka and Toru of Norwegian wood by Murakami, which led to this post. This is my perception of what Toru would say before he chooses to embrace the already dead Naoka over Midori. Moreover not knowing what to call it, I just named it Norwegian Wood.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

The Ghost Rider

The recrudescent ghosts of darkness vanquished,
The solemnity of my insouciance and nonchalance.
For the destitute of light , I lay paralyzed in anguish,
As the sun ensconced behind the stately mountains.

Encapsulated in the vacuousness of the night,
I lay alone at the mercy of its impenitent spirits.
Not a soul in sight to empathize with my plight,
I prayed for salvation by Faith and its merits.

With no redemption, but eternal suffering in sight,
I desperately called for Prince Mephistopheles. .
Retrieved, infused with the aspirations of Faust,
I reincarnated, reigning the ghosts of darkness.

Not sure if this piece was Inspired by the the story of "Faust", or a result of aspiring to be "Faust"!!...but definitely one of the two reasons. None the less found the story fascinating as a kid.

Friday, 11 December 2009

My Fair Lady

Motivated by the best complement I ever recieved "The God of wit and dark humour ," I tried my hand at pornography as well.

As the shadows of the night sprung to life;
My mind lay buried in licentious thoughts.
The lust within deferring any moral strife;
Her voluptuous bosom is all what I sought.

As erstwhile memories rekindled with ease;
Latent desires pulverized my fickle senses.
I flew frantically with the capricious breeze;
Till her arousing aroma set fire to my loins.

Sentient to my agony, right across the lake;
Draped in moonlight, waited my fair lady.
As my sins withered in her benign embrace;
The shadows of the night melted in the day.

Thursday, 3 December 2009

The Little Fish Swims

Away from its home, family and friends;
The little fish swims in the deep blue sea.
Away from the feared sharks and whales;
To unknown waters, longing to be set free.

Away from the menacing boats and nets;
The little fish swims in the hustling river.
Away from the filth and dirt of deposits ;
To more benign spirits and cleaner water.

The little fish enters a delectable stream;
Sustaining the foul, the ugly and the brute.
To an unadulterated, impregnable haven;
Since times immemorial, its dream pursuit.

As the little fish surfaces up quitely to pray;
A lone eagle nose dives to capture its prey.

Inspite of being a vegetarian and an animal lover, alas !!! I killed my little fish. I forgot to mention Somu s "Lone Eagle counts", which inspired this piece.

Monday, 28 September 2009

The lady with the viel

I would be surprised, if you don't feel "what shit is he smoking", after reading this.

Oldest and the most veracious of my acquaintances;
She pierced into this world, from my consciousness.
With unfailing devotion and belligerent adherence;
She is the eternal allegiant of my solitary existence.

From my mother's lap to my lady love's embrace;
Every moment was spent under her callous gaze.
In a black robe and a white veil covering her face;
She glides past me, bequeathing me to desolation.

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

The Rider's Ride

Wont forgive the long dead Beethoven either.

It all started on a bright summer morning;
Gentle breeze, singing birds and blue skies.
In no time, it was all cold, dark and pouring;
Yes it's time for ripe fruits and yellow leaves.

Even before a solitary leaf grazed the ground;
Everything around froze without a warning.
Flashes of winter and a glimpse of the spring;
It all ended on a bright summer morning.

In the company of a flock of golden eagles;
Was soaring high up above the mighty alps.
Plunged into the depths of the great oceans;
To glide with a gam of the great blue whales.

Moments later, was darting with the lions;
Playing with the lion cubs and deer calves.
Visited the water holes with the elephants;
And in no time reconvened with the eagles.

Simulating emotions delicately interwoven;
And a million exotic experiences aplenty.
It was an exhilarating ride with Beethoven;
On the chariot led by his ninth symphony.